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Beating the Winter Blues

By Tracy Lanzilotti | Published on January 12,2012 at 9:56AM

Looking to escape the winter blues? Most of us would surely jump at the chance to ship off on a lavish vacation to the tropics; unfortunately, our budgets would say otherwise. Do not fret! This is the perfect opportunity to transform, or perhaps even construct, an enclosed porch or sunroom, creating a warm and wonderful oasis. There are many simple solutions to utilize your sunroom or enclosure in such a way that will combine the comforts of indoor living with the aesthetics of that tropical oasis you so desire.

First thing first, treat this room as you would any other room in your home. Decide what type of environment and feeling you wish to convey. This is where flooring options will come into play as well as lighting, both determined primarily by the use and location of the room. Determine how often you wish to use this space. Gaining in popularity is the three-season room, which typically features single-pane glass/screen combinations, giving the homeowner the ability to extend the use of the room from early spring to late winter. If you favor more of an all-season room, double-pane insulated glass is best.

Color choices, furnishings, and fabrics, including window treatments are big contributors to the overall mood. It is important, when choosing your fabrics and furnishings, to keep in mind how much exposure they will be receiving to the outside elements. You may want to consider fabrics treated with ultraviolet protectors to avoid color alterations due to the sun. There are a variety of shades available, such as cellular honeycomb, which let a range of degrees of light filtration to enter the room, while still blocking UV rays. Additionally, these shades can be purchased in an assortment of neutral tones.

Wicker, a popular choice, offers a variety of styles of furniture from sofas, dining sets, lounge chairs, accent pieces, etc., either as a woven and natural rattan. Another popular option, providing a similar look to that of wicker, is resin. This high-density polyethylene coated heavy aluminum is non-porous and quite easy to maintain. This material is much more than your typical plastic with the ability to withstand a greater range of weather conditions such as from the extreme cold to blistering 100-degree temperatures. Both wicker and resin furnishings can be found in colors such as brown, black, light blue, honey, or if you prefer the more traditional, white.

Once you have chosen your furnishing construction and color, you may wish to spice up your color scheme with colorful throw pillows, area rugs, and/or other accent pieces of your choosing.

Lastly, the finishing touches. Consider how much of the outdoors and its natural elements you would like to bring in. You may choose to adorn your Zen gem with lush, low-maintenance plants, keeping in mind how much natural light will be provided to allow your herbs and/or foliage to flourish.

With these simple solutions, you can transform that once neglected sunroom or enclosure porch into the escape you have been dreaming of, without even leaving the comforts of your own home! Let this be a space for you to enjoy the luxury of the outdoors despite the uncooperative climate of inclement weather. Remember, this is your custom haven, make it as unique as you like!

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