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Downtown Englewood Sees Shift from Retail to Restaurants

By Tracy Lanzilotti | Published on August 16,2012 at 12:07PM

Downtown Englewood Sees Shift from Retail to Restaurants

Walking up and down the main strip of downtown Englewood over the last year, one would notice quite a few changes amongst the plethora of storefronts.  Where once, big-name clothing stores thrived, the downtown spaces make way for restaurants and independent stores.  With this new wave, smaller businesses are beginning to rediscover the main street magic of downtown Englewood.

The vacant storefront of yesterday’s national retailers allows the opportunity for Englewood’s smaller service-based businesses to bloom and flourish. Over the last year, Englewood’s town center has said good-bye to several of the nation’s leading women’s clothing stores such as Chico’s, Victoria’s Secret, Ann Taylor and Ann Taylor Loft. Without much hesitation, restaurants and independent stores have sought to capitalize on the newly vacated real estate in the prime Englewood locale.

The bustling downtown blocks of Englewood have welcomed a new Mediterranean restaurant, Le Vant and a new Lebanese fusion restaurant, La Mezza. Though not necessarily new to Englewood, Blue Moon Mexican Café recently upgraded its dining space finding a new home in what used to be Ann Taylor. Simply by moving next door, the popular Tex-Mex restaurant has tripled its dining space.

So why the sudden shift?

It seems that, originally, residing in thriving downtown business districts, like that of Englewood, could prove to be potentially more profitable. Local stores embraced the opportunity to choose the hours in which they wished to operate and felt the location would welcome more traffic from affluent customers. Unfortunately, weighing the cost of renovation so that the older buildings would represent what that particular company wished to convey, coupled with the negative impacts of the recession, these national retailers have since decided to opt out of their leases.

However, not all of Englewood’s big-name clothing stores have retreated back to the malls. New York & Co. retains its retail prominence along Englewood’s Palisade Avenue. Tahari, known for its designer clothing and business attire, has opened an outlet store in the heart of Englewood. Additionally, downtown Englewood has welcomed a total of four consignment stores.

Check out what’s new to downtown Englewood today!

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