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Grab a Thermos, Pack a Compass and Sense of Adventure—We’re Exploring Tenafly!

By Tracy Lanzilotti | Published on May 10,2012 at 3:12PM

For All of Those Nature Lovers…

Today’s adventure: Discovering the Parks & Preserves.
Did you know that in addition to Tenafly’s famed Nature Center, there are several gardens, parks, and preserves nestled within the natural landscape of the town? 
Here is a list of what you’ll find on your nature hunt in Tenafly:
Davis Johnson Park & Gardens (corner of Engle St & Westervelt Ave) is 7+ acres of beautiful gardens, including the highly frequented redesigned rose garden, with various walking paths. Take a stroll by the greenhouse, gazebo and brick patio or stop at the maintenance facility and meeting room.
Additionally, the Churchill Nature Preserve, an 8-acre nature preserve acquired in 1960 and the Greenbrook Sanctuary, 120-acres of its total 165-acres of woodland preserve, can be found within Tenafly’s borders.
Adjoining the Borough’s 330-acre Lost Brook Preserve, a 194-acre woodland tract acquired in 1975, is the Tenafly Nature Center. The Tenafly Nature Center is home to more than fifty kinds of birds, a repertoire of reptiles, and various woodland creatures; 24 types of amphibians and reptiles and 23 types of mammals, to be more precise!
In total, the TNC nature preserve stretches a scope of approximately 400 acres and includes The John A. Redfield Building and Education Pavilion, also known as the Visitors Center. Inside, one will find a small natural history museum and library with interactive exhibits, and live animals. A knowledgeable staff is also available to answer questions, as well as provide maps and trail information.
Not only does the Tenafly Nature Center attract an abundance of wildlife, many families and scouts visit the Tenafly Nature Center each year. Come spring or fall and you will be sure to witness the wonders of nature’s jewels and be delighted by a diversity of plant life that surrounds you. Whether it is a class trip or weekend adventure, the scenery is worth the outing.
The Visitor Center at the Tenafly Nature Center is open Weekdays from 9am to 5pm and Weekends from 11am to 4pm and programs can be scheduled seven days a week. Trails are open daily from dawn until dusk. For more information, be sure to visit the Tenafly Nature Center website:
So the next time natural comes a callin’, you can be sure to copiously fulfill your curiosity with the expansive landscape of flora and fauna Tenafly has to offer.
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