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Preparing Your Home For Sale

By Ruth Miron-Schleider | Published on December 5,2010 at 7:20PM

Getting ready to put your house on the market may entail some expenses and require your input – your time and effort - but the results may significantly boost your margin of profit when you sell your home. As you prepare to present your home in the best and most flattering light for the buyer’s eye, keep in mind that the first impression is a most important one as it is often the lasting one as well.

In general, the first order of your priority list should be to clean up, freshen up, and unclutter, as much as possible, every room, closet, and storage area of the house.

Because buyers often judge a house even before getting to the front door, it is imperative that the exterior condition of your home makes a positive presentation. Lawns and shrubbery should be properly trimmed; they should enhance the appearance of your home, not hide it. Walkways and driveways should be free of dirt and stains. Potholes and cracks need to be patched. Fences may need to be repaired; they might also need a fresh coat of paint. Inspect your shingles – some of them may need to be reinforced or replaced. Make certain your gutters are well-secured and free of debris. Wash windows, replace broken panes. Your front door may need to be cleaned. Make sure that locks and light fixtures are in good working order.

Most buyers respond favorably to bright and airy homes. Pull up blinds and shades, and turn on some lights. Check all your walls for peeling paint. Shampoo or replace worn or faded carpeting. Wax or buff all wood floors. Don’t underestimate the value of clean, spacious closets.

Since kitchens and bathrooms are often the most important selling features, make sure these rooms look clean, fresh, and bright. Polish kitchen appliances. Keep countertops and sinks clean and uncluttered. Replace worn shower curtains and bath mats.

A well-organized garage is another positive reflection on the condition of your house. Place all your tools in a designated area. Hang bicycles and hoses. Wash your car – it will indicate to the buyer that you take care of your possessions and maintain them well.

Finally, as you get ready to prepare your home for sale, you may choose to consult a realtor. Being assisted by a reputable, trustworthy, and experienced realtor is crucial in helping you make a sound decision.

Good luck and happy home selling!!!




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