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Spotlight on Home Staging

By Tracy Lanzilotti | Published on January 11,2012 at 9:43AM

When entering into a perpetually competitive real estate market, as a seller, you may wish to explore new avenues in which to differentiate your home from surrounding, comparable homes.  One option that is rapidly gaining popularity is Home Staging.  Yet, depending on one’s preconceived notions of this service or existing knowledge based on recent research, a seller may naturally begin to question the worth of said service.  First, decide a practice maximum monetary investment you feel is suitable for your budget.  Set a goal for each room and take into consideration the varying degrees of improvements, from DIY projects to those requiring more professional influence, which will ultimately help to designate funds to the areas of your home that may need the most attention, both decoratively and monetarily.

If you find that you may not have as much “free-time” as you would like to devote to this project, you may consider hiring a Home Stager.  A professional Home Stager is called upon to de-clutter a home, address furniture layouts, thus improving traffic flow and enhancing spaciousness and to showcase the best architectural features and focal points with more flattering lighting and color schemes.  Where a seller may find difficulty due to emotional attachment, the helping hand of an experienced Home Stager is an opportunity for an objective and unbiased eye to set the scene for each room.

The main idea behind the process of Home Staging is to simplify and streamline, designing optimal layouts, allowing for the prospective buyer to envision the best way to utilize the space, as well as, inviting one to “mentally move-in.”  By highlighting and emphasizing a home’s strengths, Home Staging techniques have shown to provide a more welcoming and lasting positive impression, transforming and thereby increasing the property’s potential, thus appealing to the greatest possible pool of prospective buyers.

The end result: potential increase in market value, reduction of listing time and, quite possibly, a higher sale price.  Home Staging is just one of the many ways to gain an advantage in a competitive real estate market.

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