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Sprucing Up Your Bathroom

By Ruth Miron-Schleider | Published on June 14,2011 at 3:17PM

Bathrooms, while among the most often used and most important rooms in any home, are often not high on the list when considering ways to spruce up and update your house or apartment. Whether you want to add value to your home in contemplation of a sale, or you just want to make your house a more comfortable living space, updating your bathrooms can go a long way toward accomplishing your goals.

There are countless ways to update a tired bathroom. Short of completely gutting and remodeling, which may be a good option if you have the means and your bathroom is completely outdated, there are steps that any home-owner can take in order to bring out the best in a bathroom.

One of the best ways to upgrade a bathroom is to lighten it up. Literally, adding light, natural or otherwise, can go a long way toward making the space feel less dingy, cleaner and airier. This can be accomplished by simply selecting higher watt bulbs to put into existing light fixtures, by adding additional light fixtures such as wall sconces on either side of the bathroom mirror or by adding a decorative lamp on the bathroom counter, if there is enough room. If you are more ambitious, adding a skylight in your bathroom is wonderful way to brighten up a bathroom. Choosing a skylight that is Energy Star qualified may even help reduce the need for electrical light thereby decreasing your impact on the environment and possibly lowering your energy bill. A venting skylight can even provide non-electrical ventilation, allowing fresh air in while removing the stagnant air and humidity that can cause damage in the bathroom over time. There are many types of skylights to choose from; choosing the right one for your bathroom can brighten up the room, freshen the air and is a great option for updating your bathroom.
There are many other ways to spruce up your bathroom without spending too much money. One great way is to de-clutter the bathroom. Start by throwing away all of the items that you no longer use and organizing and properly storing the items that you are keeping. Purchasing storage boxes to help keep the toiletries you use regularly in the bathroom will help you keep the bathroom neat and clutter-free. Adding towel bars and hooks to hang towels, washcloths and robes will further help decrease clutter and make the bathroom neater and more open.
Another great way to update a tired bathroom is to replace the shower curtain and bath mat and maybe even the hardware on the bathroom cabinets. If you have enough room, adding a piece of furniture, such as a shelving unit or armoire can give the room less sterile feel. Additionally, adding a few decorative items such as a candle or a small piece of art on the wall can go a long way toward warming up a bathroom.

Beyond these more basic updates, if the floors are in bad shape, it may be worthwhile to retile the floors; and, if the paint or wallpaper on the walls seems tired or outdated, it is a good idea to repaint or paper the walls. While re-tiling or re-painting are more significant projects in terms of time and expense, if you have the time and desire to take on a home-improvement project, these can be fun do-it-yourself projects that will not be too overwhelming. If you plan on taking on one of these projects, be sure to plan in advance and to get instructions for how to tackle such a project before you begin!

Bathrooms are some of the most frequently used rooms in a home and even just minor updates can greatly add to your family’s quality of life. If you are contemplating selling your home, you should know that many home-buyers are focusing on bathrooms when selecting their dream homes. Whatever your plans, sprucing up the bathrooms in your home is a great way to way to increase its value, make it as comfortable and possible, and bring it up to date.

Good luck and happy home ownership!!!

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