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Teaneck Facts!

By Tracy Lanzilotti | Published on July 26,2012 at 2:29PM

Teaneck Facts!
Did you know…

In 1693, the General Assembly of East Jersey established Hackensack Township, which Teaneck was a part of. Then, in 1871, Legislature of the State of New Jersey created the townships of Englewood and Ridgefield from Hackensack Township; Teaneck was a part of each township. And then finally, in 1895, the Township of Teaneck became an independent unit.

In 1822, Teaneck’s first school was organized.

William Bennett was elected chairman of the Teaneck Township Committee in Teaneck’s first election in 1895.

In 1896, the first electric lights were installed.

Construction of the original School #2 (Town House) was completed in 1906.

After being built in 1910, School #1, also known as Longfellow, was partially destroyed by a fire and then rebuilt.

In 1913, the Township of Teaneck was divided into 2 election districts. It has been recorded that there were 530 voters in the election that year.

1914 saw the inauguration of Teaneck’s paid police department and 1920 welcomed Teaneck’s first paid firemen.

School #3, also known as Emerson, was completed in 1916; followed by School #4, Whittier, in 1923; School #5, Hawthorne, in 1925; and, lastly, School #6, Bryant, which was completed in 1926. The Senior High School was completed shortly after in 1929.

Holy Name Hospital opened its doors to aid Teaneck in 1925.

The Township of Teaneck truly began to take shape when in 1926, the new Municipal Building was completed and then was expanded in 1962; in 1927, the Teaneck Public Library was incorporated and by 1951, two wings, Reference Room and Junior Room were added; and in 1928 Teaneck Post Office opened for business.

As Teaneck expanded, so did the school system. Lowell, School #7, was completed in 1934; Washington Irving School in 1941; Benjamin Franklin Junior High School in 1957 and Thomas Jefferson Junior High School in 1958.

1962 saw the election of Teaneck’s first seven-man Council.

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