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Tenafly's Kesher

By Miron Properties | Published on November 30,2012 at 9:28AM


Kesher is a diverse Modern Orthodox Synagogue located on the border of Tenafly and Englewood, New Jersey, proudly serving the entire Jewish community, providing an “inclusive, warm and participatory atmosphere conducive to serious religious expression and meaningful community building,” as stated in Kesher’s Congregation mission statement.
Tenafly and Englewood, as well as its surrounding area, have borne witness to a developing demand from prospective buyers and tenants alike as they search for real estate that is within the Eruv. According to Jewish law, Eruv is a designated area within which one Sabbath observer is allowed to move on foot without it being considered labor. Situated in prime Tenafly setting and nestled nearby the Englewood border, Kesher, located at 509 Engle Street in Tenafly, facilitates a growing number of religious observers within this neighborhood, fostering personal and communal spiritual growth.
According to, Kehilat Kesher, founded in 2000, is the product of a vision created and cultivated by a group of intrepid young families. Kesher has quickly become a source of close-knit proactive participants, growing from a 10 family membership to over 100 families who genuinely care about and share in each other’s lives, developing a devout kinship.
Since the membership to the flourishing synagogue has soared, welcoming 10 times more families since having officially opened its doors in 2000, plans have been set in motion for the structural expansion of Kesher’s building, in order to more comfortably house its worshippers.
Due to its location, being 30-40 percent in Tenafly and 60-70 percent in Englewood jurisdiction, the project must meet the necessary variances instituted by the zoning departments of both towns. Furthermore, because a temple is a place of worship, zoning laws that govern a house of worship are different than other establishments. Stated as the general rule in the Religious Land Use and Institutionalized Persons Act (RLUIPA), “no government shall impose or implement a land use regulation in a manner that imposes a substantial burden on the religious exercise of a person, including a religious assembly or institution…” (To read the full text of RLUIPA go to: )

Kesher’s plans for expansion have already been approved by the Englewood Adjustment Board and have also recently appeared before the Adjustment Board of Tenafly.

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