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From The Miron Blog

Unique Experience, Killer Workout!

By Miron Properties | Published on February 26,2015 at 12:00AM

 The vision - a high-end, boutique-style studio dedicated exclusively to indoor cycling that has the feel of a New York City nightclub.  The result - a 1,600-sq.-foot studio equipped with new top-of-the-line Schwinn AC Performance PLUS bikes with the Echelon MPower Console, which provides RPM and power measurements, more formally known as ZingCycle.

ZingCycle, located at 145 Piermont road in Tenafly, is the creation of Laurie Spiropoulos, an experience group fitness instructor, sports events manager, and professional organizer and Lior Haramaty, an entrepreneur and design expert.

This indoor cycling powerhouse studio features a customized audio system with a 12-channel power amplifier/mixer as well as its most exciting design feature – dozens of remote-controlled Philips colored LED bulbs that change colors individually or in tandem.

With a climate control center powered by the latest in ceiling fan technology and an excellent view of the instructor, every rider also enjoys comfortable space.  The bladeless Exhale Fan controls the central and local cooling and heating component, boasting a virtually noiseless and efficient air circulation system. 

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